Thursday, September 18, 2008

T-shirts in Alaska

When traveling, the text on T-Shirts being sold in tourist shops can often provide an understanding of the prevalent stereotypes about the locals. They also give a quick insight into what the locals think of themselves.

Here are a few T-shirts that we found in Alaska recently:

Alaska is 1/5th the size of the entire continental US, much bigger than many people reckon.
T-shirt has a map of Texas looking puny in comparison when overlaid on a map of Alaska and the text:
Isn’t Texas Cute?

It is said that the ratio of men to women in many parts of Alaska is 7:1 or even 10:1. Therefore, a woman’s odds are said to be great and she can have her pick of men. However, the men who end up in Alaska are believed to be eccentric.
T-shirt has a picture of one woman walking, and about 10 men ogling her, and below it:
Alaska: Where the Odds are Good, But the Goods are Odd

Alaska is notorious for its mosquitoes and they are reputed to be very big in size.
T-shirt has a photograph of one mosquito in silhouette in the foreground, with a sunset in the background that makes the mosquito appear large.
Mosquito: Alaska’s State Bird

And finally, one spotted by Rupal in Juneau
A Nice Little Drinking Town With A Fishing Problem

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