Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Paralyzed by choices

I have great difficulty in choosing one destination, just one place to visit over others. Therefore, reading the following by Rolf Potts, in his book Vagabonding, was like looking into a mirror.

[Rolf Potts On being paralyzed by choices]
"In knowing that so many destinations were cheaply accessible at that very moment, I suddenly feared I would never again get the chance to see them. Travel, I was coming to realize, was a metaphor not only for the countless options life offers but also for the fact that choosing one option reduces you to the parameters of that choice. Thus, in knowing my possibilities, I also knew my limitations. Ultimately, I learned to stop looking at my journey as one final, apocalyptic chance to see the world, and started enjoying it on its own, esoteric terms."

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