Saturday, December 5, 2009

Western Rajasthan Itinerary

Here’s our itinerary for the 3 weeks we spent in Western Rajasthan:

Mumbai – Mt Abu (the marble temples of Dilwara) – Ajmer – Pushkar Camel Fair (& Literary Fest) – Bikaner – Kolayat (Day trip from Bikaner) – Jaisalmer (+ 2 Day Desert safari) – Kheecan (Demoiselle cranes) – Jodhpur – Mumbai

If you have any travel questions about any of these places, just leave me a note.


  1. How safe is it to take the same itinerary for a single woman ? Or maybe to drop a few days' activities?


  2. @Nisha,

    Quite safe overall, I'd say. We came across quite a few single women travelers. However, I must add that they were all non-Indian women travelers.

    Rajasthan is a state that understands tourism and I don't think you would have a problem anywhere as long as you employed basic precaution everywhere.

    Jaisalmer and Jodhpur in particular are teeming with tourists.

    If you do go on a Desert safari (which is a big reason why many head to Jaisalmer), do try and team up with other tourists. Similarly, be cautious about going in autorickshaws alone after dark.

    If you travel by public transport (buses, trains) there will be lots of people to help you.

    So again, with a little prudent precaution I think you will find Rajasthan very enjoyable as a solo woman traveler.