Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Q&A with Elizabeth Gilbert : Budget Travel Interview

Here's an interview in Budget Travel with writer Elizabeth Gilbert, in which she shares her travel philosophy.
"I only take pictures of the people I become friends with. Also, I never sit down to write anything unless I have one person in mind to whom I am telling the story. It helps focus the piece."

Elzabeth Gilbert shot to fame after her book "Eat, Pray, Love" became a runaway bestseller. She was invited to TED for a talk on the creative process. The movie version of Eat, Pray, Love is coming out soon (on August 13) starring Julia Roberts. I am looking forward to catching this movie, especially the India part. In Hollywood films, India always shows up in vibrant colors.


  1. You'll enjoy the movie, I think. Saccharine sentimentality aside, it was beautiful to look at. Maybe you should do a post about movies that show Indian scenery and geography in a realistic light for those of us who are closet India-philes ?

  2. @Mike,

    Okay, Mike. That's a good suggestion.

    Movies are one way to "travel" to places we can't easily go to.

    I will take your suggestion as an assignment and post about a few movies about/on India that I have enjoyed.

  3. Look forward to it. I like to think Gandhi reflected the dusty plains well and the feel of Kolkata and Water by Deepa Mehta the ordinary life but I'm sure you'll set that all straight !

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