Friday, August 8, 2008


I first learned of the term Bluelist and its use from Lonely Planet, though we've been doing something similar for quite some time. At the beginning of each new year, Rupal and I would each independently write down the names of 3 countries we wished to visit that year. We'd stick the list on a cork-board, and try to make it to some of the places on our list. If a country repeatedly showed up on the list, we'd try and get to it sooner than later.

So here then is my personal Bluelist as of August 2008:

Near Term (before Dec 31 2008)
Columbia and Equador
S. Korea
Kyoto area in Japan
Peru (Machu Pichu)

Mid Term (six months to 2 years)
Sri Lanka
Sikkim (India)
TamilNadu in 3 months (India)
East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda)
Central America (Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama)

Long Term (in the next few years)
The length of Trans-Siberian esp. Lake Baikal
Kazhakstan (Central Asia)
Traverse the Silk Road
West Africa (sub-saharan: Mali and Niger)
Tibet (via the highway from Katmandu)
South Island (New Zealand)

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