Monday, August 25, 2008

Likable Things About Travel in Israel

  1. The nugget-sized country means that most intra-city travel is not much more than 2 hours. (Surprisingly, most buses took less time than what the schedule showed.)
  2. Good public transportation meant that we could do the day trips ourselves, instead of depending on Travel Agencies.
  3. The fact that they print out a whole week’s bus schedule when you ask for the next bus. (Very useful to plan day trips)
  4. Tel Aviv’s all-day bus pass (Hofshi Yomi) which is just about the price of one round-trip ticket. (Why don’t Jerusalem and Haifa have this?)
  5. Ubiquitous falafel stands for pita sandwiches on the go
  6. Kosher restaurants that won’t mix milk and meat in the same dish – great for us lacto-vegetarians

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